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An article in the issue March 1926 Canberra Queanbeyan Advocate reprinted in the GENERAL section of this web tells of a visit of Mr Bruce, the Prime Minister to Canberra.  The Hotels and their tariff is mentioned as well as houses and roads - work to hand at that time. The reader should be aware of name changes.  The Hotel Ainslie referred to in this article was renamed Gorman House in 1927.  The hotel then named Hotel Ainslie, today is Olems' Hotel.  The article refers to...

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Another article published in the GENERAL section is a description of a FANCY DRESS BALL held at the Hotel Canberra in 1925. The first half of the Hotel Canberra opened for business in December 1924 and was completed in 1925.  Contractor John Howie's men who lived at Westlake in the area now known as Block 3, Section 128 Stirling Park Yarralumla, built the Hotel Canberra and parts of observatory on Mt Stromlo. 


At the time when this ball was arranged in the ball r...

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In the GENERAL section are new articles on the Canberra Steam Laundry that opened in 1926 and Hunt's Garage behind the Hotel Canberra. It opened in 1928.  Prior to that time a garage was provided to house the cars of visitors. Hunt's garage provided the usual services that a garage provides today - petrol, servicing of vehicles, spare parts etc.


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The opening of Canberra's first garage is recorded in a November 1926 issue of the Canberra Times. The name of the garage was CANBERRA GARAGE.  This was the first and a very modern one.  It was followed by Brodie's Garage on the south side - it had a lantern on the roof to light the way to Canberra from the old Uriarra Road that linked Queanbeyan with Canberra - now Canberra Avenue - and Hunt's Garage behind the Hotel Canberra.  This article is found in...

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January 1927 four new hostels/hotels nearly ready

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Canberra was dry from 1911 until late 1927.  This presented some problems for the so called hotels who were unable to get a liquor license duing the dry years.

A Canberra Times article dated January 1927 informs the reader of the construction of four of the hostels, hotels at that time. This article is placed in CANBERRA 1920s section.


The Federal Canberra had a number of hostels and hostels constructed to house visitors and permanent single staff transferred to ...

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RF Tetley char-a-banc service Canberra-Queanbeya 1923-1925

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In the ODDS & ENDS section an article on the char-a-banc motorised service between Canberra and Queanbeyan has been published.  In 1923 the owner, Mr Tetley advertised a Saturday shopping service that began at the Power House, via Molonglo Camp to Queanbeyan and return.  His modern char-a-banc comfortably seated 40 people - he didn't mention cost in his advertisements.  By 1925 he advertised a seven day a week - twice daily service that commenced at Westridge (now Yarraluml...

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Canberra Builder Promotes Canberra 1927

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Another article added to CANBERRA TIMES ARTICLES PT 2 -

1927 Report of a lecture given in Sydney to an audience of around 2,000 promoting Canberra. The lecturer, Mr Dawson was a Canberra builder. He supported the actions of the First Commissioner ,Sir John Butters and also supported the building of blocks of cottages that had a maximum cost allowed - this led to the suburbs of North Ainslie [now Ainslie], Ainslie [now Braddon] and South Ainslie [now Reid] used to accommodate the lower ...

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Canberra 1923 by Bluett

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Another article on Early Canberra written by local man, Bluett is published in THE CANBERRA TIMES SECTION 2.  It speaks of the isolation of the people and the segregation according to occupation of people and the dangers of creating division amongst the early Canberrans.

1928 Canberra Housing Report

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The Canberra Times 1928 has an excellent article on Canberra Housing that includes reference to the Governor General's residence at Yarralumla, which in 1928 was not part of the city area.  Construction workers had to be paid a zone allowance of 3 shillings per day. The article also refers to the original purpose of the renovated Governor General's place - that of a boarding school.  The site chosen for the permanent Governor General's residence was Section 22 Stirling Park Yarralum...

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In the CANBERRA FACTS section an article published in 'The Canberra Times' 1944 refers to the early struggle of the people of the FCT in their attempts to regain their voting rights.  One of the influential men against giving these rights to the people of the territory in 1927 was John Butters, First Commissioner.  This article tells of the struggle that began earlier with people working in the Social Service Association to regain their civil rights and their democratic right to vot...

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