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Tree Planting Canberra 1927

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A new article from the Canberra Times 1927 has been added to the section CANBERRA 1920s - it outlines the major treeplanting of the city carried out at that time.  It also refers to the proposed Zoologlical area that was never built.  It was in the area of old Westridge (now Yarralumla) on the south side of the Molonglo River and extended across to the north side to Black Mountain.

1927 servicemen's camps camps opening parliament

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In May 1927 three tent camps were erected for the servicemen who came to take part in the opening ceremonies on the 9th of the Federal Parliament in Canberra. An article published in the Canberra Times about these camps has been placed in the CAMP SECTION  of this web.  Another camp, not mentioned in this article is the police camp which was in the area of the Chinese Embassy in Canberra near Flynn Drive and Block 1 (now further subdivided) Section 128 Stirling Park Yarralumla which...

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Farwell to Fred Sullivan of Springbank 1915

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A new article has been published in the PEOPLE section.  It is a full description in the Queanbeyan Age in April 1915 of the farewell to Fred Sullivan of Springbank and his sister, Mrs Maguire.  The property, which was next to Canberry (later named Acton) was resumed by the Commonwealth in 1915 and Fred was uncertain of where he was to move.  His sister, also farewelled at a dinner moved to Queanbeyan.


Because the farewell was held in Queanbeyan the toasts w...

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Ex- Victorian soldiers No 1 Camp 1922

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In May 1922 W Bluett of Canberra wrote a letter to the Queanbeyan Observer commenting on the lack of help given to ex-servicemen brought to Canberra to work as labourers on the building of the city.  A copy of this letter is added to the section on No 1 Labourers Camp.


Because of the difficulty in attracting workmen to come to Canberra to build the city and the high enemployment of returned servicemen the decision was made by the government and the Returned Sailors &am...

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Canberra was 'dry' 1911-1928

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In the General Section a number of newspaper articles refering to the ban of the sale of alcohol in the territory between 1911 and 1928 had been added.


King O'Malley was the man who had the sale of alcohol banned in the FCT.  This of course meant a great deat of money was spent in the four Queanbeyan hotels and a brisk trade of buying alcohol at Queanbeyan (eight miles from Canberra) and resale in Canberra occurred during the years of prohibition.



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Scouts visit Canberra 1919

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In the Canberra 1913 section I have added an article that I found in the Queanbeyan Age dated 1919.  A group of Scouts on their visit to Canberra called first at the Royal Military College at Duntroon.  They describe their tour through the RMC at Duntroon including the various rooms visited and exhibitions and displays.  They also climbed the hill to view General Bridge's Grave. He was the first Commandant of the Royal Military College and was killed in action in the Great War....

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HOWIE'S COTTAGES Block 3, Section 128 Stirling Park, Yarralumla

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Wallter and Harriet Sheen moved into 4 Howie's Cottages in January 1923.  With them they had their two small sons, Desmond and 3 weeks old Gordon.  Walter worked for the contractor, Howie Brothers (later John Howie & Son/s) who had won the contract to construct the Hotel Canberra.  This contractor built a settlement for his married men on either side of an old road which is still in the area now known as Block 3, Section 128 Stirling Park Yarralumla.  Evidence of the c...

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Block 3 Section 128 Stirling Park - Howie's & Tradesmen's Camp

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A new article has been added to Hidden Canberra http://hiddencanberra.webs.com/SECTION%20ONE%20HOWIE%20&%20TRADESMEN.pdf




The article marks 24 of the sites on Block 3, Section 128 Stirling Park, Yarralumla - former Westlake - Howie's Settlement and the ablution block area of the Tradesmen...

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Stirling Park Yarralumla - site of Howie's Settlements & Tradesmen's Camp

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Block 3, Section 128 Stirling Park Yarralumla is another part of the park that is set aside for possible development.  This is the eastern section of the park and in and on its soil are the remains of Ngunawal use and the sites of Contractor John Howie's Settlement and the Tradesmen's Camp. The men of the former settlement constructed the Hotel Canberra (1923-1925) and the latter worked on the Provisional Parliament House between 1923 and 1925. 


John Howie built ...

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In 1956 AR Jones, Under Secretary Department of Lands, Sydney NSW, gave a talk to the Canberra & District Historical Society and the Goulburn Historical Society on the history of European knowledge of Lake George from its 'finding' by Wild in 1820 up until the then current time.  It includes reference to the years when an ACT Yacht Club used the lake for sailing.  It did not mention the deaths by drowning of cadets from RMC, but it a very thorough talk using material from fields...

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